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The Benefits of Buying The Best Adjustable Bed

Whatever your individual needs are, be it difficulty sleeping, for medical reasons, for comfort in your later years, mobility reasons, or simply for choosing the ultimate in sleep comfort and support, our bed buyers guide will help you choose the correct bed for you.

The Best Adjustable Bed Will Offer Improved Sleep Quality

It's all about sleep! Nobody buys an adjustable electric bed just to look at it, you buy a bed because you want a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep. How you sleep at night has a big influence on you, physically and emotionally.

You might be asking yourself - is sleeping flat bad for you?

Well, it’s not necessarily bad for everyone, but can be crippling, by
robbing you of precious sleep. Consider this list of issues affecting sleep:

• Snoring
• Acid Reflux/GERD
• Poor circulation
• Lower back pain
• Sleep Apnea
• Sciatica/Restless Leg Syndrome
• Knee and Hip discomfort
• Breathing difficulty

Are there any on this list that can be improved by sleeping in a flat
position? Absolutely not. Health professionals generally will recommend an adjusted or elevated sleep position to “help” any of the above issues.
Think about it – if you snore, shouldn’t your head be elevated to open the airway to reduce snoring? Same with reflux and breathing difficulty.
Elevating your knees will always reduce low back pain and discomfort.
Try it tonight- put a pillow under your knees- it has been shown that this will often help reduce back pain, as well as hip and knee discomfort.
Odds are, many of you suffer from at least one of the aforementioned
sleep issues. The question then is, does your current mattress alone
address your sleep issue, allowing you to sleep more soundly? If the
answer is no, and your sleep issue is robbing you of restful sleep, then it’s time to do something about it.

Adjustable Beds

Emotional Benefits of Sleep

A late night, or a night of broken sleep can have a negative affect on the rest of your day. You might feel irritable, short-tempered or lacking in motivation and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately these traits don't just stay inside you. They may affect the quality of your work, relationships with friends, family and colleagues and your own personal safety. We've all seen the 'Don't Drive Tired' signs on the motorway.

On the plus side, a good quality night's sleep is refreshing and energising.

The benefits of this emerge throughout the day.

You're more alert and productive, you feel less stressed and your temperament is much improved.

It feels good to be positive and upbeat, and this energy works it's way into other areas of our lives.

That's why it's important to invest in a good quality bed and preferably a memory foam mattress

adjustable beds

What to look for in the Best Adjustable Bed

We've produced this seven point check list to help you compare adjustable beds, so you end up investing in the best adjustable bed for your individual needs.  Each point is a question that you should either ask yourself if browsing on-line, or a salesperson if you're in a bed shop.

1. How many parts does the frame have?


One of our five part Mechanisms

Most models have either four or five parts to the mechanism.  This means the frame can be adjusted at four or five separate points.

Cheaper beds may only have three parts in the frame.  These should be avoided because they may place excessive strain on your lower back.

We specifically make our power adjustable beds with five parts to the frame, so you get the most contoured shape possible.  And that means maximum comfort.

2.  What happens to Adjustable Beds in a power cut?

All of our Adjustable beds are available with a battery back-up option.  So if you were to experience a power cut, your bed would automatically switch to it's reserve battery.

This feature is particularly crucial for people with mobility issues, who would be unable to get out of bed without the mechanism being raised.

3. Is the mechanism and motor rated for my weight?

The best power adjustable beds are tailor-made for the user.

So a bed company should measure your height and weight, in order to give you the correct Mechanism and bed motor.

If a motor isn't powerful enough for your weight, it won't last as long as it should.

4.  How Noisy is the Motor?

This is an important factor when you compare adjustable beds.

The best adjustable bed will have a near silent operation.

So if you to like sit upright to read whilst your partner is asleep, or if you need to go to bathroom in the night, you won't disturb your partner with the buzzing noise of the electric motor.

Also, make sure there's no permanent hum caused by the transformer for the motor.  (Think how annoying that would be when you're trying to sleep!)

5. What Kind of Handset Does it Come With?


Cabled Handset


Radio Frequency Handset

Handsets are either Radio Frequency or cabled.  A cabled handset you cannot lose as it is always attached to the bed ,although the new generation radio frequency remote control handsets are an extremely good option and come with memory settings and other interesting features

If you're visually impaired you may require a white handset with black buttons to make it easier to operate the unit.

If you have a condition like arthritis in your hands, you'll probably benefit from a handset with larger-sized buttons.

6. Are the Drawers on Rails or Castors?

Luxury Hybrid Beds

Another factor on which to compare adjustable beds is the  drawers.  If the drawers in your bed slide on rails, you'll be restricted as to how much you can put in them.  If they're overloaded and the weight is too much, the rails could break or the bottom of the drawer could fall out.(Most of us have experienced this problem)

In a quality bed the drawers will be fixed to castors.  They'll be able to hold a much greater weight as they'll be supported from underneath, not on the sides.

our drawers will even support my body weight when standing standing in them!


7.  How Long is the Guarantee?

A long guarantee is a sign of a good quality bed.  The manufacturer is obviously confident that their products will stand the test of time.

The industry standard guarantee is five years.  However, we believe in the quality of our beds so much, we guarantee them for ten years to help you sleep peacefuly!

We hope this guide has been useful, and that you're now in a much better position when you try to compare adjustable beds.