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Luxury Massage Therapy and Comfort

Deep and healthy sleep is absolutely essential to the human body. It relieves stress, gives us the strength we vitally need for the following day and fortifies our immune system.

The Abberley Massage System has been specially designed and developed as an aid to sleep and is built into our mattresses, a simple handset is used to operate the massage unit.

The massage motors are strategically placed along the length of the mattress and can be felt over the whole surface of the mattress, massaging areas to the Neck and Shoulders, Upper and Lower Back, Hips and Thighs, Legs and Feet.

bed massage


  • High-quality cable handset with LED.
  • Status display.
  • Adjustable massage strength.
  • Programmable individual massage.
  • 3D wave massage with different programs.
  • Timer function for 15 minutes.
Luxury Adjustable Beds

Available with any of our mattresses at a cost of £150.00

Please note, if you have a pacemaker fitted, or have any other medical condition, you should consult a doctor before using a massage unit.