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How can a Care and Comfort memory foam mattress help me?


How do memory foam mattress toppers and mattresses work?

Visco-elastic memory foam is a breathable foam made up of microscopic memory cells. These memory cells react to body heat and weight.

The temperature sensitive foam responds to an individual’s natural body shape and weight, giving support where needed and offering relief at key pressure points such as head, back, shoulders, pelvis and hips, calves and heels. This unique formula reduces the amount of tossing and turning, offering a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

The Care and Comfort memory foam mattress system goes one step further. Our mattresses are layered to achieve the ultimate in ‘bespoke’ mattress comfort. Each mattress is tailor-made to order with an upper-layer of visco-elastic foam that moulds to a body’s unique shape, a middle air-flow layer for extra ventilation throughout, and a lower load-bearing layer measured to a specific height and weight to give the correct and right amount of support for individuals or couples.

All the layers are zipped up into a luxurious Coolmax™ cover providing a fully breathable outer lining which can be easily removed and washed.