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Your friends have bought a memory foam topper, you’d like to know more, particularly about the popular Ultimate Sleeper™ memory foam topper Ultratop™, designed to reduce pressure, and provide the ideal environment for a truly comfortable, undisturbed and restful sleep. Read on.

Memory foam technology

Memory foam is a visco elastic foam polymer that is temperature sensitive. As temperature increases, the foam softens. Memory foam is different from other foam in this respect. Standard, high resilience (HR) or polyurethane foams are not temperature sensitive.

Memory foam qualities

Memory foam is ideal for bedding products because:

It’s described as ‘memory foam’ because after you get out of bed – the foam returns to its original shape.

Allergy resistant too

The Ultratop™ memory foam topper is allergy resistant in that they do not make a suitable environment for house dust mites.

The memory foam topper, also known as a mattress overlay and/or mattress pad, are designed to go on top of either a new conventional mattress or an existing conventional mattress. Their function being to provide a layer of comfort and/or warmth between the user and the mattress, in particular, if you have recently bought a new mattress but cannot adjust to the level of comfort or an existing mattress that is not worn-out but just uncomfortable.

Because of their pressure relieving properties, the memory foam topper is becoming ever more popular than the original egg-box profile mattress topper.