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Abberley Prestige Adjustable Beds

A luxurious top of the range adjustable bed with the following features:

  • Built by master craftsman in our workshop since 2001
  • Market leading 10 year guarantee
  • Your bed will be built to a height of your choice, upholstered in a designer fabric and colour of your choice (swatches available upon request);
  • The Luxurious hybrid Ultra75-ViscoLux mattress/es;
  • New generation radio frequency handset with memory function, under-bed lighting and facility to switch on and off bedside lights by way of the adjustable bed handset;
  • Your choice of mechanism, either the ultra-pod system which offers point by point support for all areas of the body resulting in a relaxing distribution of pressure, or the Sliding system that has superglide technology and has been designed to keep you closer to your bedside cabinet than other adjustable beds;
  • Upholstered luxuriously padded matching headboard/s.
Luxury Adjustable Beds
Luxury Adjustable Beds
Ultra-Pod System
Ultra Sliding System
Under Bed Light
Radio Frequency Handset

The Abberley Prestige Low Foot-End Adjustable Bed

Prestige Adjustable Bed Low Foot-End
adjustable beds

   3ft        £1595.00    

  3ft 6     £1695.00   

4ft        £1795.00


       4ft6     £2595.00      

   5ft       £2695.00 

  6ft       £2795.00

Adjustable Beds

       4ft6     £2695.00      

   5ft       £2795.00 

  6ft       £2895.00

The Abberley Prestige  Adjustable Bed with Foot-Board

Prestige Adjustable Bed with Foot-Board
adjustable beds

   3ft        £1795.00    

  3ft 6     £1895.00   

4ft        £1995.00


       4ft6     £2795.00      

   5ft       £2895.00 

  6ft       £2995.00

Adjustable Beds

       4ft6     £2895.00      

   5ft       £2995.00 

  6ft       £3095.00

Optional Extras

Luxury Adjustable Beds
Prestige Massage

Under-Bed Drawers
Foot-End or Sides £75 Each.

Mattress Protectors
Moisture Resistant - 2ft6 & 3ft £25, 3ft6 & 4ft £30,
Poly Cotton - 2ft6 & 3ft £30, 3ft6 & 4ft £35.

Memory Foam Contour 61 x 31 x 11/8 £30 each
Memory Foam Traditional 65 x 45 x 11 £35 each

Fitted Sheets
Adjustable Bed Sheets: 2ft6 & 3ft £25, 3ft6, 4ft & 4ft6 £30

Prestige Massage System
(Memory Foam Mattresses only) 5 separate units built into the mattress with adjustable intensity, pulse and wave functions £200

Extension Lead
6-way lead for electric motors, massage units, lamps, etc. - £10

Luxury Hybrid Beds
Under Bed Drawers

What our customers are saying...

This bed is amazing, not a bad thing to say about it. Having used a cheaper adjustable bed before I can tell you the difference is outstanding. The company is a pleasure to deal with, no hard sell. The fitters were very helpful and gave a full demo. My only regret is that I waited so long. I tested out many adjustable beds and none came even close to the quality and service of these. Would recommend to everyone
Lin Jones, Bromley