Viscolux 75 Hybrid mattress


The Viscolux75™ Hybrid Memory Latex Mattress is designed as a luxururious high end mattress offering you a medium support and improved ventilation for luxurious comfort from £380.00, available with optional therapeutic luxury massage system.


Luxury Massage System *

The Care & Comfort Luxury Massage System has been developed for use with our mattresses to give a relaxing and therapeutic massage, relieving tension and offering pain relief for people suffering from back pain etc, please see product description below.

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The Viscolux 75™ Hybrid Memory Latex Mattress is comprised of a  3-inch layer of advanced polymer technology ViscoLux 75 memory Latex hole punched for greater ventilation, and two layers of high resilient polyurethane base foam incorporating the AirFlow™ system, supporting your body in its most comfortable position, reducing tossing and turning by reducing pressure during your sleep, also available with our Luxury built in massage system.

4 Medium/Firm 20cm Memory Latex with Soft Top Coolmax Quilted 10 years
Mattress Firmness Mattress Depth Mattress Type Cover Type Guarantee
Available in sizes:
  • Uk Single 36 x 75 inch
  • Uk Small Double 48 x 75 inch
  • Uk Double 54 x 75 inch
  • Uk King Size 60 x 78 inch
  • UK Super King 72 x 78 inch

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  1. Is a hybrid memory foam mattress good for bad backs and joint problems? Yes, a hybrid memory foam mattress will help to support and cushion the problems making it more comfortable to sleep and giving you an even pressure along all your body.
  2. What does Kg/m3 mean? This is how much the foam weighs in meters cube if it was weighed on scales. You should avoid  memory foam  mattresses below 50kg/m3.
  3. Does a memory foam mattress get hotter than normal mattresses? No, the memory foam is open celled and breathable, and has a built in airflow and coolmax cover.
  4.  Can a memory foam mattress be used for adjustable beds? Yes they are fine, The memory foam mattress will adjust with the underlying base.
  5. Can you use a memory foam topper on its own? Yes, you can. Some customers have bought them to use when camping or to use as a spare mattress for guests.
  6. Can memory foam mattresses be used on slatted bases? Yes,The slats will not cause any problems, however the gaps between the slats should ideally be less than 3 inches.
  7. Can I use an electric blanket? Yes you can, however we recommend you do not leave the blanket switched on all night.

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